From CEVA to LEX

Since 2001: CEVA, an acronym for “Cornavin – Eaux-Vives – Annemasse,” connects Geneva (Cornavin station) to Annemasse, bypassing downtown Geneva to the west and southeast, and constitutes the backbone of regional public transportation by allowing the implementation of the Léman Express.
2008: granting of the construction permit and closure of all opposition to the project;
2009: acceptance of additional financing for the project by a popular vote of the people of Geneva;
2011: closure of the Eaux-Vives – Chêne-Bourg section, the start of work;
2013: closure of the Chêne-Bourg – Annemasse section;
2014: Franco-Swiss agreement concerning the modernization and operation of the line between Annemasse and Geneva;
2017: opening of the new Lancy-Pont-Rouge station;
2018: start of track laying on the Swiss section;
2019: entry into service of the Léman Express

“CEVA or LEX?” That was really before, now we take the Léman Express.

Between 2011 and 2019, CEVA carried out major work that made it possible to build the Cornavin – Eaux-Vives – Annemasse rail link, a Franco-Swiss rail link that now allows the Léman Express to connect 45 stations. Thank you CEVA and make way for LEX!