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Grand GenĂšve

The mountains just a train ride away

We’ve selected for you the mountain resorts that are less than 1 hour away by train from a Leman Express station. In summer and winter alike, discover the mountains with the Leman Express!

The Leman Express takes you further and higher!

"Next stop" videos: get your fill of leisure activities!

We followed some of our travelers on their excursions on the Léman Express: a family from La Roche-sur-Foron visiting the Chùteau de Coppet, a group of friends going to Chùteau Rouge for an exceptional concert, a snowshoeing outing in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains-Le Fayet or a couple enjoying an evening out at the Comédie de GenÚve in the Geneva-Eaux-Vives station. Discover these videos now.

Next stop: La Montagne

Next stop: ChĂąteau de Coppet

Next stop: La Comédie de GenÚve

Next stop: ChĂąteau Rouge

Prochain arrĂȘt : Plage des Eaux-Vives

Prochain arrĂȘt : Annecy

Prochain arrĂȘt : Annecy