A little history

The idea of a rail link between our two regions does not date from yesterday, since it stems from a first Franco-Swiss agreement signed in 1881 to create a rail link between Annemasse and Geneva. On May 7, 1912, an agreement was confirmed that the Swiss Confederation, the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) and the State of Geneva would finance the second part of the CEVA link with a contribution of one-third each. From 1912 to 1938, the first studies were carried out, but successive economically difficult periods postponed the realization of the connection between both banks. 1939-1949: the project was reactivated and the Cornavin-La Praille section was built as part of the development of theLa Praille district.

It was not until 1980, following a request from the Confederation to resume the project after the year 2000, with a priority given to the rail connection to Geneva International Airport, which was completed in 1987.